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What is Team Boulder Parc?

Who we are.

Team Boulder Parc is the programs arm of Boulder Parc.  Team BP plans, organizes and implements coaching, classes, clubs, camps and more.

We have big plans for all climbing levels in the near future, but right now our focus is on the Boulder Parc Climb Team. It consists of athletes who represent BP at local, provincial, regional, national and world level sport climbing competitions in the disciplines of bouldering, lead and speed climbing.  You’ll see the Boulder Parc Climb Team throughout the week, training hard and encouraging each other to be our best on and off the wall.

Our mission.

Our goal at Team BP is to equip athletes with the training and tools needed for each member to fully realize their potential - not only as competitive climbers, but as well-rounded individuals who build healthy, active lifestyles.  This extends to all climbing enthusiasts in our programs because we believe that climbing and training finds expression beyond the gym and should inform how we live.

Why you should join.

Team BP is more than a program - we are a family. Our dedicated coaching staff care about each athlete as unique a human beings and share in their dreams and aspirations. We are committed to developing the natural gifts and abilities of all our athletes, and help them to overcome the challenges they face, in and out of the gym.

Have we intrigued you?

Although our team is at capacity at the moment, we are looking to expand the team to serve the needs of different climbers. If you are interested in joining/applying/ learning more, email:

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1415 Morningside Ave, Unit 2
Scarborough, ON M1B 3J1

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Opening Hours

Monday-Friday: 12pm to 10pm
Weekend: 10am to 8pm